4/9ths and 20/20

On this snowy Monday in April my design wall is 4/9ths full of Tiny Stars! (plus two more small projects to round out the picture) That’s right! It snowed in KS today. And that’s right, I have completed four out of nine sections – one star at a time!

4/9ths finished!

4/9ths finished!

And there’s more! Not only am I completely up to date on making a Star-a-Day, I also made twenty yellow stars for my quilt guild challenge. The Sunflower Piecemakers Quilt Guild, is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year so the challenge was to make a quilt with 20 blocks or a block with 20 pieces. I thought, why not use my Star-A-Day templates and make 20 little 3″ blocks and turn them into sunflowers? And why not use 20 different yellow fabrics? And go ahead and add at bit of wool work with 20 different brown wool centers.  20 appliqued leaves seemed sort of skimpy spread throughout four borders so I grouped them in short vines on opposite corners and used 20 different greens.

Anniversary Challenge quilt wearing a third place viewer's choice ribbon. Ribbon made by talented guild member, Joelyn.

Anniversary Challenge quilt wearing a third place viewer’s choice ribbon. Ribbon made by talented guild member, Joelyn.

Quilting like a maniac I got it done just in time – why do I do that? I had a WHOLE year! Using 20/20 vision next year I’m starting earlier! But I like the finished quilt. And apparently the guild members liked it too as I won the third place viewer’s choice award at our meeting. Look at that beautifully handcrafted ribbon made by guild member and friend Joelyn!

If you live nearby you can see this little quilt on display at our quilt show on May 3, 2014 from 9-4 at the Lansing Activity Center, Lansing, KS. The other challenge entries will also be on display. Come visit!

In the meantime, let’s hop on over to The Patchwork Times by clicking here to see what Judy and friends have on their design walls and check back later for a post about quilting those stars as I go.


One thought on “4/9ths and 20/20

  1. I love the Star A Day quilt. It is just beautiful!!! The pattern, the fabrics, etc. Everything about it is just beautiful.

    I like the other one too but my eyes keep drifting back to the Star A Day. It reminds me of times gone by. Times where life was slower and less complicated. Just love that quilt!!!

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