A Teapot of Gratitude

There are thank you notes, there are hugs of gratitude, and there are expressions of appreciation such as “from the bottom of my heart”. Last night at my local quilt guild meeting residing President, Peggy, had thank you gifts for outgoing board members. She wanted to say thanks from the bottom of her heart in a unique way and did so with teapots. The gifts, tokens of Peggy’s appreciation for the time and talent her board members have given to our guild over the past year, were carefully selected for each person. Each teapot was different – collected at second hand stores, estate sales and yard sales over the course of the year. Each wrapped with a fat quarter of teapot printed fabric and packaged carefully with a note.

Having taken a year off from the board I was surprised when, with the last bag in hand, Peggy called my name. “But I didn’t do anything this year”, I protested. But she insisted I did and forced the bag into my hands. Apparently an encouraging e-mail or two and serving on the nominating committee was enough to earn Peggy’s gratitude.

By then several board members had opened their gifts and I could see from across the room teapots shaped like sewing machines, country cottages, there was a chicken teapot with long legs wearing an expression exactly like that the recipient displayed when she opened it, there were teapot and cup combos in bright and cheerful colors, teapots with flowers, tall teapots and short teapots. I peeled the fat quarter away and uncoiled the bubble wrap to find this

Teapot of gratitude

Teapot from Peggy

A Blueberry Pie Teapot of gratitude! How perfect is that?

Thank you Peggy, from the bottom of my teapot.

So, stop by for pie …. and tea!

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