License Plate Quilt – free pattern

It’s almost summer and with summer comes the Row by Row Experience. If you collect license plates as you travel from quilt shop to quilt shop and are looking for a project to use them in consider my License Plate Quilt. I designed it using a package of tone on tone 2 1/2″ pre-cut strips and 30 license plates collected from hither and yon.

License Plate quilt

License Plate quilt  by Barbara J. Eikmeier

To make the quilt you may download the pattern for free here.License Plate Quilt PDF


Day Four, I think I’ll Make it!

It’s Day 4 of a quilt a day for 5 days but today, instead of 1 quilt I have 100 quilts to share! (Going for extra credit!!) My mini quilt collection was on display during a presentation on Friendship Quilts during the St Joseph, MO quilt guild’s show last weekend so I snapped a few photos! 50 minis

Here are the first 5050 more minisAnd here are another batch of 50, or so.

I didn’t make all of them – I swapped with friends. Over many years, with many friends we made them in groups of 5, or 7, or 10 then we traded. So I would make 10 all the same and go home with 10 all different. That’s how I got so many.

For kicks, when I got home I pulled out the ones I made and put them on the design wall and snapped this photo. Minis by BarbI know, mostly easy quilts. Here’s the thing, I don’t really like making minis, but I love owning them!

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I nominate Sue Phillips to the five day challenge (she made some of those minis!!)


15 in ’15

It’s January. It’s a new year.  Time for goal setting. I don’t make ‘resolutions’ – I prefer to call them goals.  And out of the blue the other day, I decided to make a goal of finishing 15 UFOs this year. 15 in ’15. And just to be fair, I might as well add, that doesn’t mean I’m not starting anything new, in fact I might start 15 new projects this year too and end with a net zero.

Here is what’s on my design wall today – I’m slowly but surely making progress on this project from Di Ford’s beautiful book, Primarily Quilts. The translation from metric isn’t exact so I have struggled a bit with things coming out incorrect sizes but I’m muddling through and finding ways to make it work. (Those crooked borders are not a problem with metric conversions. They are a problem with the photographer.)119Next I will make English Paper Pieced hexagons that go over those striped borders. Do you ever do English Paper Piecing? A frisbee is a very helpful item for keeping everything contained.118Have you made  a list of quilting goals for 2015? Check back to see how I’m fairing on finishing 15 in ’15 and tell me about yours.


Front Basted Applique, see it on QNTV

It’s Design Wall Monday and I have something new on my design wall! I started it way back in Jan but set it aside to work on the Star a day quilt, now I’m back to this project from Di Ford’s book, “Primarily Quilts, 19th Century Inspirations”. 172Those hexagons flowers are made with 1/2″ hexagons and English Paper Piecing. My friend, Roberta DeWire, taught me EPP several years ago when we were on retreat at her family’s lake house in PA. Thank you Roberta!068

The appliques are cut from a large scale print and I’m in the process of hand appliqueing them in place. This technique is referred to by many names; fussy cutting, cut out chintz, and broidere perse, to name a few. I call it broidere perse and am using “front basted applique”, a method I talk about in my book “Back Basting Applique Step by Step” (see pages 29-30.)

Check out the current episode of Quilter’s Newsletter TV, the Quilter’s Community, where I share “front basted applique using die cut shapes. (Free this week only, after which a subscription is required.) Click here to go to the video.

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Star A Day FINAL update

Today I won’t show you what is ON my design wall because its empty. But I have something to show that came OFF my design wall yesterday.183On Oct 31, 2014 I finished my final star! This one, right here. 176It was 1:28 pm when I cut my thread, spread it out in front of me, and said, “You, my pretty, are the last one!” Whew! I did it! I made 365 stars in one year – enough to make a quilt big enough to sleep under.

This post officially concludes my Star a Day Challenge.

What’s next, you ask? How about a Lucy Boston quilt? Here’s my first block. I was so eager to start it that I stitched this block the same evening that I finished the last little star! Why stop when you’re on a roll, right?184And in case you are wondering, NO, I will not be making a block a day! But do you suppose I could finish it in just one year?185(2)

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Design Wall Monday – Another UFO

It’s a good idea to periodically challenge yourself to finish project that you started long ago. I didn’t have to decide this on my own, my friends in PA came up with a UFO challenge to help me out. We each made a list of 6 UFOs and every other month they draw a new number and Patty sends me a text message with the number. I then run into my sewing room to make sure it isn’t #3, that really big, really hard project that I never should have put on my list.

This time it’s #5 (whew!) and that’s what’s on my design wall today.064These little appliqued cuties were a free to download pattern from Bunny Hill a few years ago (it’s now available for purchase as a complete pattern). I made it twice, once with blue work embroidery and again with back basted applique’. The blocks have been done for ages – I just need to put them together.

As luck would have it, I will be going on my quilt guild’s retreat in a few weeks and will be taking these blocks with me. Surely I can get them finished by Dec 1st!

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Out of the Quicksand- Star A Day Update

It is Sept 22. At this moment I am officially caught up on my Star A Day project. As one friend described it, it is like climbing out of quicksand – a new day arrives with the challenge to make a star. If you miss one day, it’s like loose gravel. If you miss two days, it’s more like mud. Before you know it you might be a week behind and in quicksand. I wasn’t exactly testing the theory, but if you fall 41 blocks behind (sheepish grin) you can crawl out of the quicksand in exactly 21 days. That’s one a day plus two in arrears. And here is what your quilt will look like when you have eight of the nine sections completed:Section 8 finished

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UFO Challenge – Pastel Quilt Update

” …. a long and winding road..” That’s what I think I heard my pastel quilt humming the day I pinned it to the design wall for the last time. I, on the other hand, asked, where’s the marching band? Drum roll? Pastel bits of confetti? Okay, so maybe it isn’t worth a whole marching band, but this has been 14 years in the making, so marching band or not, it’s still a big deal!

Since I created my own random block arrangement, without thinking too far ahead, I backed myself into a bind when I got to the lower right hand corner, fresh out of blocks, with a gaping, odd shaped, empty spot. So I made this to fill the void.Last blockThen I sewed the last few seams, added borders, measured and seamed the backing and it’s ready for the quilter!

With no further adieu, let me introduce my FINISHED Pastel Quilt top:Completed Pastel QuiltLet’s share the moment by linking to Patchwork Times where you can see what others are working on. As for me, I’m taking a break from pastels and working on this UFO for awhile:006 See  related posts: UFO Challenge, UFO Project Update  and The Pastel Project – A Week Later


The Pastel Project – A week later

Are you getting tired of my pastel quilt project? Well, you are just going to have to bear with me, because I’ve been working on this, off and on, for over 14 years and this time I’m not stopping until it’s done.

The final block is appliqued – it was nice to sew on an easy block at the end! And no berries!

Pastel quilt last blockAnd the blocks are all sewn together minus the lower right hand corner where I had to design something to fill the space.Pastel quilt nearing completionI refuse to take this off the design wall until it’s finished. And that just might be TODAY!

Unless … Humm … How would this quilt look with a swag border?

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UFO Challenge

In Pennsylvania I have a group of quilting friends who enjoy working on quilt projects together – projects that inspire, challenge, and yes, sometimes frustrate. Block swaps, row quilts, puzzle quilts – there have been many over the years but our current project is a different sort of project – it’s a UFO challenge.  It’s time for some of those long neglected projects, the Un-Finished-Projects, the ones cluttering up the closet.

UFO (Un-Finished-Projects), WIP (Work in Progress), PHD (Project Half Done), whatever you call it, we all have them. Some have more than others (who, me?) We love them and we hate them (who me?) Most of all, we dream of finishing them.

The rules are simple – make a list of 6 projects, number the list. Turn in one fat quarter as an entry ticket. Every other month a number will be drawn. Whichever project on your list matches the selected number; it’s the one that gets your attention for the next two months. Can you finish it? If so, your name gets entered in a drawing for the whole basket of fat quarters. If not, pay a one fat quarter penalty.

I can do this!

I selected 6 of my most charming UFOs. I numbered my list and sent a note with my entry ticket fat quarter. My note was a wish of sorts:  “Don’t choose # 3 first!”

A text message came: “We drew #6 . Good luck!”

Whew! It isn’t #3! Thank goodness!

I consulted my list. What did I write down for #6 ? “Appliqued border on Scrappy Spools quilt.” Oh darn, I should have made my wish specify not #3 or #6.
I went immediately, on the very first day of the challenge, to the closet and got out UFO #6. Yes, I did. I pulled it from its 6 year holding place on the closet shelf, unfolded it, and admired the piecework. Tucked among the folds I found the borders – already cut to size. “This should be easy. Besides I have two months!”

Awaiting appliqued borders

Awaiting appliqued borders

Two months came and went. It was time to send proof to Pennsylvania, evidence that I had indeed completed my UFO #6.
There was just one problem. Although I had gotten it out, unfolded it, and confirmed that the borders were cut, I didn’t touch it again for two solid months. Oh, there are excuses for sure, some are actually legit. Suffice to say, I failed in round one. So, I cut a fat quarter of an interesting wood grain fabric, folded it and sent it to the penalty box.

I got a new message, “We drew #2, Good luck!”

A quick look at my UFO list confirms my fear, “Not number two!” I moan to no-one. I should have updated my wish list. I should have enclosed a note that said, “I hope you don’t pull #2 OR #3.”

UFO #2, due is Oct 7.  There it was, in my own handwriting: Grandma’s Album Quilt in Pastels. Complete the last four blocks, set together, and complete the top. Was I nuts? Even without a contest I don’t think I could get that much done in two months, after all I have been working on this project off and on for 14 years. I sigh. What’s done is done. They drew #2. I might as well get to work.

So, today my design wall is full of pastel blocks.
Last night I finished appliqueing the oak leaves. 081

There are three blocks remaining. As of right now I have them drawn out as full size patterns.

And I’ve started joining sections. All that I and I still have 7 weeks to go! Can I do it?

Is this the year I will finally be able to mark this project off my list?
Check back next Monday for a progress report.

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