30s Sampler Month 9

The patterns for the Month 9 blocks of the 30s Sampler are ready to download. They will be available for free on my website until April 1, 2018.

Month 9 blocks

We are nearing the end of this block of the month program – next month is the last set of patterns! You can expect the patterns to remain on my website until May 1, 2018. At that time the individual monthly patterns will be removed and later in the summer the complete pattern set will be made available for purchase as a printed pattern. So take a few minutes to look through your patterns to make sure you have what you need.

Click here for Month 9 patterns.

Do you have all your embroidered or appliqued blocks finished?

Keep on stitchin!



30s Sampler Month 8

I have something to show you – a picture of my 30s Sampler! It’s not finished yet because of course this is only month 8 of 10, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing how it’s coming along. Remember, I’ve been making my sample with the panels completed in Back Basting Applique. I’ve used one Farm Life Panel and one Flower Garden panel. But you could use two the same if you wanted to.

30s Sampler, Months 1-8 with alternating applique blocks.

Isn’t that fun?

If you are just tuning in this Block of the Month has custom sized blocks to fit alternating with the pre-printed blocks designed in the 1930s by Ruby Short McKim. The blocks were reproduced in 2016 pre-printed on fabric by Paintbrush Studio Fabrics. If you missed out, I still have some in inventory. Click here. Choose one of many options for completing your animal or flower blocks. For example, applique them, like I did. Or, embroider them, or tint them with crayon first, them embroider them. Or paint them.

If you’d like to try Back Basting Applique check out my book on the subject here. If you order the book from my website I will include one free Farm or Flower block so you can try back basting without the worry of using up one of the blocks from your panel. Just put a note in the order so I know you want the free block.  (The block design will be a random selection, sorry, no choosing.)

But I know what you really want, the patterns for Month 8! Here are the blocks for Month 8. Don’t let that green and lavender block intimidate you. It’s looks hard but I think you’ll find it easy enough.To get your patterns for Month 8 click here.

Keep on stitchin’!



30s Sampler BOM – month 7

Happy 2018 and welcome to month 7 of the 30’s Sampler BOM.

The pdf patterns are now ready for you to download at Barb’s Favorites.

This month’s installment includes blocks 25, 26, 27 and 28. That means we are getting closer and closer to 41 which will complete this BOM.

Month 7 blocks

Click here to go to the Block of the Month page and follow the directions to get the patterns.

Do you have a quilting goal for 2018? This BOM concludes with month 10 in April. That will still give you plenty of time in 2018 to finish your quilt! Go for it!


30s Sampler Block of the Month #6

The new set of 30s Sampler Blocks are ready for you to hop over and pick up in my online store.

Month 6 Blocks

This month you’ll notice that one of the blocks is paper pieced (Block 21 in the upper left corner).

You may use any method you’d like to paper piece or foundation piece the block but if you feel the same way I do about ripping all that paper out you may want to try Freezer Paper Foundation Piecing.  It’s the only way I paper piece!

I’ve included a link on the Block of the Month page on my website to a pdf with instructions. I plan to post a tutorial later in the month but I’m out of the office for the next two weeks while helping my mom after knee replacement surgery). But I got your patterns ready before leaving town!

Click here for Month 6 patterns.

Happy Stitching! Or happy pattern collecting, whichever the case may be for you!!


30s Sampler Month 4

Another set of four blocks of the 30s Sampler are ready for download at Barb’s Favorites. The patterns will be free for the first month (Oct 2017) after which they will be $5.

30s Sampler Month 4 Blocks 13-16

Click here to go to the Block of the Month page on my website where you can download the patterns.


30’s Sampler Block of the Month Starts Now!

It’s time! It’s Block of the Month time!  The first installment of my 30’s Sampler Block of the Month is now available. Download it for free for the month of July. On August 1st it will move to the online store where it will be available to purchase for $5.

The blocks finish 7 3/4″ x 7 3/4″ – that’s not an accident! The blocks are sized to alternate with the McKim Studios pre-printed embroidery blocks. (Ruby’s Farm Treasures and Ruby’s Flower Garden).

Each installment will feature four blocks. Here are the blocks for Month 1.

30’s Sampler Month 1

In my sample I’m sewing the alternate blocks in back basting applique but they could also be embroidered or painted or crayon tinted.

Click here for a pdf with more information.

Click here to shop for supplies.

Click here to purchase the patterns for Month 1.


30’s Sampler Block of the Month

It’s coming soon! A BOM quilt right here at Barb’s Favorites! It’s starting on July 1, 2017 and continuing for the next ten months.

Here is a sneak peek:This 80″ x 80″ quilt is designed specifically for the embroidery panels that have been licensed by McKim Studios and are marketed with my Vintage 30’s Ruby’s Treasures.

My sample will use both the Farm Life panel and the Flower Garden panel. But you could make the quilt with two flower panels or two farm panels.

The 30’s Sampler Quilt is designed specifically for the pre-printed blocks which finish 7 3/4″ x 7 3/4″ which is sort of an odd size for alternate pieced blocks. So I’ve come up with 41 blocks that can be trimmed to size without sacrificing points or other design elements.

I will be releasing the patterns four blocks each month for ten months. There will be five blocks in the last month. They will be FREE as pdf downloads for the first month they are posted after which they will be available to purchase for $5 per four block set.

My sample will have 41 pieced blocks alternating with 40 appliqued blocks. I’ll be doing back basting applique and blogging about the process. Instead of applique you could embroider the preprinted blocks. Or paint them. Or crayon tint the blocks before embroidering them!

Make the quilt in any fabrics you’d like but if you want to make it like mine I am offering a kit in my online store. Check it out here.

The kit has everything you will need.

Click here for a pdf of the supply list and general information about the program.


Day 5 of Ruby’s Block Hop!

Are you having fun going from blog to blog and collecting block tutorials? Let’s welcome Reeze Hanson of Morning Glory Quilts to day 5 of the blog hop. She has a really cool block tutorial to share with you so find the link at the end of this post to go to Reeze’s blog.

In previous posts I talked about choosing the color palette, borrowing sample fabrics from Sunbonnet Sue’s dress and a patchwork dog’s nose, and from the little kits leftover from Ruby’s business. Some of the fabrics were just small scraps found in a scrap bag, but others required a visit with a seam ripper. For example, yo-yo quilts and Dresden plate petals were the source for a few prints in the collection! Each of these designs were reproduced in two colorways.img_9111-2


All this work was going on over the winter with consultations back and forth with the design team. Then in the spring I walked through the fabric company’s warehouse and came across this – my very own fabric collection in huge rolls, just off the truck from the mill waiting to be rolled onto bolts and shipped to stores.img_7776

And later I strolled down an aisle and saw this – bolts of Ruby’s Treasures on the shelf, I couldn’t help it, there wasn’t a soul around, and yet, I smiled. I may have even said, “Hi there Ruby’s Treasures! So nice to see you!” img_7777-1Then another day, this – I came home to find two big boxes on my front porch. And what was inside? My very own stash of Ruby’s Treasures. Let the sewing begin!img_7649In May we were off to Salt Lake City for 2106 Spring Quilt Market where Vintage 30s Ruby’s Treasures was officially released.

img_7911I’ll keep adding to this story so check back daily to find out more about the creation of Vintage 30s Ruby’s Treasures.

And here are the links to all the stops on the blog hop.

Friday 11/4: Barb Eikmeier @Barb’s Favorites

Monday 11/7: Donna Lynn Thomas @DonnaLynnThomasQuilter

Tuesday 11/8:Theresa Ward @AlwaysQuilts

Wednesday 11/9: Pat Speth @NickelQuilts

Thursday 11/10: Reeze Hanson @MorningGloryDesigns

Friday 11/11: Kelly Ashton @KellyQuilter

And here’s the link to Inspired by Fabric, our blog host


Day 4 of Ruby’s Block Hop

It’s Day 4 and we welcome Pat Speth to the blog hop fun! Pat is a newcomer to our blog hop group and I think you will enjoy her tutorial. Pat and I became friends at a quilt retreat and I’m here to say, she has a lot of really cool tricks and I bet she has something clever to share with you on her blog. So hop on over to visit Pat. Find the link at the bottom of this post.

And here’s more about the creation of Vintage 30s Ruby’s Treasures. During the course of designing a fabric collection there are some prints that you can’t help but love the minute you see them. Others need a bit of tweaking before they get the stamp of approval or in some cases, the ax. Yes, it happens. Some prints don’t make the cut.

Leftovers from Ruby’s business, currently in the care of her granddaughter Merrily, are much the way she left them in 1935 when she switched from quilting to doll making. Most of the fabric swatches I saw were solids but three prints were reproduced from samples found in Ruby’s archives. This gorgeous yellow and blue tulip print was originally much larger. Working from a scrap of the original fabric, we scaled it down a bit and brightened it up. The favorite of the group for many, it’s also available pre-quilted with a yellow print on the other side.4-color1One of the little kits Merrily showed me was for an apron made with red, cream and blue stripes. The new version of the fabric has pink in place of the red, since we weren’t including red in the color palette. At one point we also had this same stripe in violet, green and yellow. But after a few iterations it just didn’t sing so it was eliminated. You’ll have to take my word for it, it sounds prettier than it looked!5-color1The last print that came from Ruby’s treasures is this diagonal plaid. The original was pink and we added a second color way in green. 6-color1

6-color2This block hop is a fun way to collect 6 different block tutorials all made with the Vintage 30s Ruby’s Treasures fabric collection. Make each block in both colorways and you’ll have enough for a 12 block quilt! If you are joining in late, don’t worry, the drawings won’t take place until later in Nov. If it’s much later you can still collect the tutorials and sign up to follow Inspired by Fabric so you don’t miss their next great blog hop!

Here is the list of participants.

Friday 11/4: Barb Eikmeier @Barb’s Favorites

Monday 11/7: Donna Lynn Thomas @DonnaLynnThomasQuilter

Tuesday 11/8:Theresa Ward @AlwaysQuilts

Wednesday 11/9: Pat Speth @NickelQuilts

Thursday 11/10: Reeze Hanson @MorningGloryDesigns

Friday 11/11: Kelly Ashton @KellyQuilter

And here’s the link to Inspired by Fabric, our blog host


Day 3 of Ruby’s Block Hop!

It’s day 3 of the block hop and today we welcome Theresa Ward. Hop on over to her blog at Always Quilts and check out the tutorial and two examples of her block made with, Ruby’s Treasures fabrics!

As I was designing the fabric collection I dug into my own treasure trove of 30s prints. I have scrap bags, quilts, and unfinished blocks as well as a toy dog made by my grandmother. I studied all of these old textiles looking for charming prints that I thought I’d like to include.

One of the prints in the collection was reproduced from fabrics found in a pair of antique Sunbonnet Sue blocks. The blocks were given to me by my 96 year old friend Marguerite who told me they were made by her older sister Emily. I had already decided on the color palette (see my post for Day 2) and was delighted that the colors in the original fabrics were already included in the palette. img_7865

We reproduced both the violet/green sprigs and the pink/blue sprigs. Aren’t they sweet?


1-color2I wanted to include these two prints since they came from the gifted Sunbonnet blocks but also because I had queried a few of my friends who love vintage 30s prints. They told me they thought the 30s prints that were available were lacking in prints with light backgrounds.

The other light background print in the collection is this happy little dot. dots-pink-and-green

dots-viloet-and-yelThe original print came from a stuffed patchwork dog made by my grandmother.

Patchwork dog made by my grandmother Mary Martin

Patchwork dog made by my grandmother.

I had to take the fabric swatch off his nose in order to have it reproduced! img_9112-2

Theresa used both of these light prints effectively in her blocks. The blog hop/block hop continues for the rest of this week so check back – I’ll continue sharing about designing Ruby’s Treasures.

And hop around collecting block tutorials. Leave a comment at each stop to enter to win great prizes and ask for Vintage 30s Ruby’s Treasures at your favorite quilt store!

Here’s the rest of the schedule:

Friday 11/4: Barb Eikmeier @Barb’s Favorites

Monday 11/7: Donna Lynn Thomas @DonnaLynnThomasQuilter

Tuesday 11/8:Theresa Ward @AlwaysQuilts

Wednesday 11/9: Pat Speth @NickelQuilts

Thursday 11/10: Reeze Hanson @MorningGloryDesigns

Friday 11/11: Kelly Ashton @KellyQuilter

And our blog host Inspired by Fabric