Day of Stars

Okay, so here’s the deal – on Nov 1, 2013 I began hand piecing tiny, little 3″ eight pointed star quilt blocks. The idea was to sew one block a day and at the end of the year I would have 365 blocks – enough to make a full sized quilt. Sounds great, right?

And it has been. Most days.

All winter I stayed on task, completing seven stars a week. Then spring arrived and travel started and new deadlines cropped up and before I knew it I fell into a pattern of dropping behind, and getting caught up, then falling behind again.

I missed reporting on my blog about reaching the halfway point – and the halfway point really was one of my favorites.

Halfway point May6, 2014

Past the halfway point May6, 2014

Then I missed reporting about block #200. And it was really special – 200 little star blocks all sewed together hanging on the design wall. I didn’t even get a picture!

And I missed posting a May report and a June report. If you’ve been following this project you may have thought I stopped altogether.

Nope. I have continued stitching my stars on airplanes, in the car, during meetings, and from my favorite chair at home with the evening news on TV. I make a few stars, sew a few stars together, make a row, sew the rows into a section, quilt a section, sew two sections together. Day after day, star after star – marking each one on my little pocket calendar.

In spite of myself and my schedule, the quilt is growing.

It’s just that instead of a star a day I need an occasional day of stars!