Design Wall Monday – Off to Quilt Camp!

Awhile back, when I decided to join Design Wall Monday, I told myself that there was no pressure to absolutely, without fail, post something every Monday. I’ve been away and my design wall has been bare for two full weeks. But today I have something fun to show!

Oz overall quiltI don’t have attention deficit disorder but I am easily distracted and sometimes things just don’t get done in the order other people might expect them. Take for example my current project: A great big 95” x 95” Wizard of Oz quilt. Designed several years ago as a block of the month program by Sharon Vesecky at Quilter’s Paradise in Baldwin City, KS, it is whimsical and fun. I saw the finished quilt hanging in Sharon’s shop last fall and bought one of her last full kits with the idea that I would sew a block or two a month and finish it in due time. It was a great plan!

Inspired by a recent visit to The Wizard of Oz Museum, in Wamego, KS, (very fun, by the way!) I pulled my project out to assess my progress, or lack thereof.  

 The blocks sew up quickly – when one spends most of their sewing time doing hand applique’ any machine piecework seems fast!  But instead of slow and steady wins the race, I tend to go in spurts, cutting and stitching 3-4 months’ worth of blocks in a sitting. Then I might need the design wall for something else so I pull the current display off the wall and tuck it away for later. That’s pretty much my system – pinging from project to project. Please tell me I’m not the only one who works that way! Wizard of oz quilt in progress  Here is the upper left corner of the work in progress.

Technicolor film, a little dog, ruby red slippers, rainbow-bargello style, it's all here!

Technicolor film, a little dog, ruby red slippers, rainbow-bargello style, it’s all here!

Good Witch/Bad Witch Block

Good Witch/Bad Witch Block

I have three days of uninterrupted retreat sewing coming up and will be taking this with me along with 15 or so other projects in various stages of completion (I believe in having plenty to choose from depending on which way the wind is blowing!). But there is no pressure – I’ll sew what I feel like sewing and bring the rest home for another day.

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