Not a Superstar After All

Once there was a quilter who decided to make a Star a Day for a year. Each day she cut and stitched her tiny star marking the date off on a pocket calendar. All was well –  star by star her quilt grew. Until one day she didn’t quite get her star done. “That’s okay,” she thought as she circled the date on her calendar, “I will finish it tomorrow morning”. Morning came and the star remained unfinished. “That’s okay,” she said out loud to her cat, Wanda, “As long as I finish seven in a week, I’m still meeting my goal.” Seven days went by and instead of seven days crossed off her little pocket calender there were seven big fat circles around the dates. People started talking. Her husband asked, “Aren’t you making little stars anymore?” “Yes!” she said emphatically, “I’m just behind a bit”.

So there you have it, I’m not a Superstar Tiny Star Maker after all. I am behind a full week’s worth of star stitching!

But today I have turned over a new leaf – or just turned the old one back over. After an hour of tracing and cutting I have all seven delinquent stars ready for stitching. And that’s not all – I also have 12 stars traced and packed for an upcoming trip.

And since I spent this blog beating myself up, I will end on a happy note. In spite of being behind by a whopping seven stars, overall, I am 1/3 finished – if this were a marathon I would be approaching Mile Marker #9.

Star A Day - Row one out of three. That's 1/3 of the tiny stars completed!

Star A Day – Row one out of three. That’s 1/3 of the tiny stars completed!

The blocks are stitched together into sections, the sections are quilted. I have re-read Marti Michell’s machine quilt as you go book and am ready to sew the three sections together. That isn’t too shabby for a 1/3 of a year worth of a Star A Day!


2 thoughts on “Not a Superstar After All

  1. Last Saturday on National Quilting Day, I found the ‘Star A Day’ pattern at my LQS and I am completely hooked! Thank you for posting your progress and helpful hints. I must have been too excited to read the directions and missed the notes on the pattern regarding the templates not being symmetrical. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished quilt. Happy Stitching!

  2. Yeah!!! You ARE human. I on the other hand have 7 stars made (yes that is ONLY 7) but that’s more than I had before retreat!

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