Tiny Stars – Month #1 Progress Report

Today is Dec 1. That means I have been working on my Star a Day project for exactly one month. That’s 30 days. So that means I should have 30 little stars completed.  Right?

Well…  what can I say? In the past month there was laundry and housework to do. There was  travel with classes to teach. There was fall cleanup in the yard and bulbs to plant. And, there was a Thanksgiving dinner to prepare. Do you think you know where this is going? Do you think I am going to tell you that I ‘hit the wall’ and missed my mark on the very first monthl?


I did it!

I have 30 – count them – 30 blocks completed and, for the most part, sewn together! month 1 Star a DayYay for tiny stars! Yay for one star a day!