15 in ’15 – the Final Results

Did I really say that back in January 2015? Did I say I was going try to finish 15 UFOs in 2015? What was I thinking?

Now it’s 2016 and since I threw out the challenge, so to speak, and some of you not only took it on for yourself but you even got your whole quilt guild to do it I thought I owed you a tally of my own progress on 15 in ’15.

First of all what do I consider an UFO?
1. It must have already been started prior to Jan 1, 2015 to make the list. That means no projects that I have bought a pattern and fabric for but have yet to start. No kits that I collected a month at a time but have yet to cut into. It has to already have had something done to it – cut out, strips cut, a few blocks made, etc.

2. What do I consider completed? I get into trouble in this category because I have a habit of thinking that once the top is done the project is completed.  However, for my 15 in 15 challenge I was clear with myself that finished meant finished. Quilted. Binding stitched on. Binding turned and finished. Label on the back. Finished. All the way.

Drum roll, please! Here are my 2015 completed UFOs.
1. “Grandma’s Garden in Pastels” – perfect to start the list because it took me 15 years to finish it!Pastel applique
2. “Earth” was a completed top on Jan 1. I got it quilted early in the year. I got it’s binding on in Oct. Dang those bindings drag me down!Earth
3. “Disappearing Nine-Patch in Indigo and Shirting.” On Jan 1st it was a pile of blocks. I finished this one in time to give it to a friend before her first chemo treatment. I’m glad it’s finished but not glad for the reason it got finished in an emergency. disappearing ninepatch for Doris
4. “Picnic Baskets” pattern by Jan Patek. The picture is dated Jan 6, 2015 making this project officially the first finish of the year. I made the top while on retreat with my guild in Nov 2014 so it might also officially have resided on the UFO list for the shortest length of time. See? It can happen!006
5. “Red and Tan Baskets and Stars”, pattern by Whimsy. I love this quilt. I worked on it during at least three retreats that I can remember and finally put it on my Pennsylvania Tues quilt group’s UFO challenge list. That motivated me to get it done – otherwise there would have been a penalty to pay of one fat quarter.Red and Tan baskets
6. “60 degree Kalidoescope”. Many of the UFOs in my pile were started as samples when I was teaching the Marti and Me Club at Quilting Bits and Pieces in Eudora, KS, this one included. It’s not very dramatic but it’s done!kalidoscope
7. “Brights and White” from The Quilting Bee in Cache, Ok. I got this back from the quilter the first week of Dec 2014. I sewed the binding on it a year later, just in time to include on my 15 in ’15 list!Brights and White
8. “Emma’s Quilt” Ages ago I started making quilts for my nieces and nephews when they graduate from high school. When the great nieces and nephews started coming along I saw that there would be no end to the graduation quilt program so I changed to baby quilts for the new generation. Dear sweet great-niece Emma was 1 ½ years old before her quilt was delivered. This picture was taken the day she got her quilt.Emma and quilt
There you have it! All the UFOs I completed for 15 in ‘15.

Are you saying, “Wait a second, that isn’t 15 – it’s only 8?” Well, yeah, it is only 8. Drat it anyway. And look at how many of them only needed sewing the binding on. My challenge should have been “Just Bind It!”

It’s only 8 but it’s 8 more than zero which is how many it might have been if I hadn’t given myself the challenge in the first place!
So, if you didn’t get 15 UFOs done in 2015, don’t beat yourself up, pat yourself on the back for what you did get accomplished.

What are we going to do for 2016? I don’t know about you but I’ll be making a shorter list!
Next time I’ll share my challenge for 2016! See you then!