16 in ’16 – A New UFO List

No, I’m not going to finish 16 UFOs (unfinished projects) in 2016. I’m not even going to suggest that it’s possible. But I have a lot of UFOs so to narrow down the list this year I’m going to focus on the number 16. Here it is, my 2016 UFO Challenge, (NOTE: There are no prizes or awards, just the fun of challenging myself and seeing how it comes out.)

1. “Baltimore Album Quilt in Taupe and Crimson” Let’s play around with that number 16:  I have nine blocks completed in a 25 block applique quilt. That leaves 16 more to make. It goes on the list.Baltimore in Taupe and Crimson

2. I am well into making “Ladies of the Sea” a pattern by Sue Garmen. It’s a 16 block applique quilt. So, sure, why not, let’s put it on the list too.ships and border 1 adjusted


3. And let’s put some pieced blocks on the list as well. I have a whole pile of pieces cut out for 16” drunkard path blocks. So how about if I finish that quilt this year? Can I do it? That’s a lot of curved pieces?drunkard's path pieces16 inch Drunkard's Path block

4. Forest Galorist is a charming animal quilt that I started the week my precious granddaughter Etta was born. I really want to finish it this year and have been trying to figure out a way to make it work within the theme of 16. I counted the animals – there are 15! (It should have been last year!) I could say I will finish it before she is 16 months old. That would work. Naw, I think I’m just going to add an animal making it 16 animals!Forest Galorist pattern Forest Galorist blocks

5. And one more thing, just for kicks, I love making Lori Smith’s little Fat Quarter Quilts so I’m going to make 16 of those little darlings in 2016. These are not officially UFO’s because I haven’t started any of them (except in my mind) but it will spice things up to include it as a goal.

Do you have any UFOs that have anything to do with the number 16? Make your list, check it twice, and I’ll see you around in 2016!