Design Wall Monday – An Ice Cream Cone sort of Summer

You know those quirky roadside attractions that we see and say someday we will stop? Well, we did it! We stopped. Last week my husband I took a three day trip across Kansas specifically to go to some of those curious attractions. I have stories to tell and pictures to show but today is Design Wall Monday so here’s what’s on my design wall – ice cream cones!

ice cream conesI’m participating in a row exchange with a group of ladies in my quilt guild. We are supposed to make 6 rows, each the same, and we’ll swap and get 6 rows, each different. The only guideline, besides the theme of summer, was that the rows must be 48″ finished. Here’s a little picture of my full row:

row of ice cream cones

That’s an 8″ block – I found the pattern on my EQ program. It was fun finding the right fabrics for the cones (printed basket weave to the rescue!) and deciding which 6 flavors of ice cream I would stitch. I ended up with Mocha, Strawberry/Blueberry Cheesecake, Butterscotch Ripple, Chocolate Mint Chip, Berry/Cherry Swirl, and French Vanilla. (Note: you will not find any of those flavors in my freezer – only on my design wall!)039

The Real Deal! Lemon Ice-box Ice Cream on a sugar cone.

Oh wait! I think I have flavor that  in fabric! I’ll never look at my stash the same way.

Check out what others are working on by clicking here. And check back soon for a post about our quirky roadside attraction tour.

3 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – An Ice Cream Cone sort of Summer

  1. Cindy, There isn’t a rule saying we can’t peek but I only know what one other person in my group is doing. That might mean that my cute little ice cream cones won’t match at all but the quilters are clever and will find a way to make an interesting quilt!

  2. What a fun row you are creating for the swap. Do you get to know what the others are making or will it be a surprise for you? I love row swaps!

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