Design Wall Monday – Going Green with a T-shirt Quilt

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I thought a little something green would be appropriate for the day so here is a picture of yesterday’s design wall – it’s a T-shirt quilt for my daughter Sarah.

For Sarah, Stevenson University class of 2010

For Sarah, Stevenson University class of 2010

Awhile back she sent me her college t-shirts along with a request for a quilt.

When a box of these comes in the mail from an adult child it's a sign that you'll be making a t-shirt quilt!

When a box of these comes in the mail from an adult child it’s a sign that you’ll be making a t-shirt quilt!

What could I say? She is my only daughter and I did make two t-shirt quilts for her brother. Yes, there would be a quilt.

Sarah enrolled in Villa Julie College in 2006 and graduated from Stevenson University in 2010. No, she wasn’t a transfer student – the school just did a little name change maneuver while she was a student. It’s just a coincidence that her school color happens to be green and finishing the quilt coincides with the greenest day of them all! And there’s more! Villa Julie College was originally a nursing school, started in 1947 by the nuns of Notre Dame. Not exactly the Fighting Irish but in the same family, I’m sure! Green school color, St Patrick’s day, sisters of the Fighting Irish – it all comes together to make this a great day to mark this project off my to-do list!

I sent Sarah a picture of her quilt along with a comment that I am retiring from T-shirt quilts. Good thing I added the part about retiring because she posted it to Facebook and within minutes the “I want one!” comments started flowing. What is it about T-shirt Quilts??

I used the T-Shirt Quilts Made Easy Book by Martha DeLeonardis for the block layout. Martha’s book is an excellent resource. If you receive a box of T-shirts in the mail, you won’t need the luck of the Irish, just follow the well written directions and join me in marking “T-shirt Quilt for daughter (or son), (or both)” off your list!

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One more thing, look at the little St. Patrick’s Day gift I found in the yard.

First crocus of spring! Happy St Pat's day, Happy Spring!!

First crocus of spring! Happy St Pat’s day, Happy Spring!!