Design Wall Monday – Jelly Stars

Today, there is something new on my design wall. Jelly Star Blocks.019The first time I made this star block was in 2006 as part of a high school graduation quilt for my daughter, Sarah. I was recently reintroduced to it by Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company when she was a guest speaker at my local quilt guild. You can click here to see Jenny’s video on how to make it.

I liked the idea of using a pre-cut roll of 2 1/2″ strips for the stars but I didn’t like the part about making the star points with folded corners (although that is exactly how I made the block in the fore mentioned graduation quilt.) I already have a drawer full of cut away corners and I only had a little bit of the purple background fabric. That put me in a fabric conservation mood! With a little figuring and using a fabric saving trick I learned from a Marti Michell instruction insert I came up with an alternate way of making my star points.

This technique uses the Marti Michell template set B, triangle template B-13 (pictured) Note: These measurements will work with solids and batiks but not prints that have a right and wrong side.

For each block cut four strips that measure 8 1/4″ x 2 1/2″. (I cut mine from a jelly roll, thus the pinked edge.) Using a ruler, mark 6″ from one end.

Mark 6" from the end

Mark 6″ from the end

Position Marti Michell Template B-13 as shown with the tip of the triangle aligned with the top edge and with the mark you made in the step above. Cut.

Position template B 13

Position template B 13 like this

Cut with a rotary cutter, I stack and cut all four at once.

Cut with a rotary cutter, I stack and cut all four at once.

Use the template and a rotary cutter to nip the corners.

Cut a 2 1/2″ strip of background fabric. Using the same template B-13, cut the strip into triangles and blunt the corners. Cut 8 triangles per block.

Cut 8 per block

Cut 8 per block

Flip the 4″ piece over (wrong side, although solids don’t usually have a right or wrong side). You want the triangle peaks going opposite ways. Sew the background triangles to each end. Press the seam toward the triangle on the longer piece and away from the triangle on the shorter one.017

Complete the block according to Jenny’s video. Here is a finished block. The corner squares are cut 4″.

Jelly Star Block

Jelly Star Block

I will keep on making blocks until I run out of purple background fabric – which might be soon!

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3 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – Jelly Stars

  1. Love the quilt! I have lots of batik fat quarters; I like the idea of making the quilt with those. Thanks for your tips on how to cut down on waste!

  2. What a coincidence! I just watched Jenny’s tutorial video of this star block this morning. I may have to make this soon. Your blocks are wonderful! Jenny Doan will be here in Nashville this summer. I can’t wait!

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