New Subscribe Button

After a series of problems I am breaking up with my subscribe button. I thought he was cute. Clean-cut with a polished, simple style.  And he was easy for me to understand. But he wasn’t supported by his designer, so all his beautiful features started falling apart. Irritation set in, and we began fighting. I wanted him to do things he wouldn’t do, or couldn’t do – like send notifications of new posts to my subscribers. I gave him a second chance. He got the times wrong, he skipped subscribers – for no good reason, and he sent duplicates to others. Was he playing favorites, or was he trying to get me to break up? My frustration built to a crescendo and I finally took him down. I slid him over to the unused widgets area of my website where he stayed in timeout while I cooled off.

Today, I went looking for someone new. I am optimistic about this new relationship but wanted to warn you that the new guy looks and acts different the other. In the long run, this should be a good thing!

If you were a follower when I was with the other guy and would like to once again receive e-mail notifications, please re-enter your e-mail address and click on the subscribe box.