Pastel UFO project update

When I was in High School my US History teacher gave me a challenge. He didn’t know he gave me a challenge but in a conference over a quiz that I must have failed he said I didn’t care about US History so he didn’t really expect much out of me. Say what? The next semester I got an A in his class. Didn’t do so well in Chemistry or Algebra that term but aced the US History.

It’s been a week of pastel applique which means, like Chemistry and Algebra the Color Cats and Tiny Stars haven’t got much attention. The goal is to complete this pastel quilt top by Oct 1. Here’s the current status report:

I’ve completed three more blocks

And have several more sections sewn together Pastel quilt in progressAnd I’m down to the final applique block080When I get to the lower right hand corner I will need to come up with something to fill in the blank space. Check back next week to see what I come up with!

And since I linked to Design Wall Monday last week and promised a progress report, I’m linking in again today. Click here to see what everyone is up to.