Seashells from the Seashore

Welcome back to Design Wall Monday. I’ve been away for a few weeks, so, I don’t have much happening on my design wall. But I did get this little embroidered quilt finished while vacationing in Florida.

Pattern by Blueberry Hill

Pattern by Blueberry Hill

The beaches in Key West are littered with bits of coral smoothed by the rolling sea. The colors could make a good palate for a quilt of neutrals. I collected a few shells and pieces of coral with naturally drilled holes in them to string and hang in my home in Kansas.

I enjoyed photographing the tide coming in and/or out. Every once in awhile there was a surprise splash of color left to delight the beachcombers.

A splash of color from the sea

A splash of color from the sea

Although there isn’t much happening in the sewing room I do have a splash of color on the design wall. It’s made with Marti Michell’s apple core template. Those pieces are about 6″ long.

A bright splash of color on the design wall. It will be a tote bag when it's finished.

A splash of color on the design wall. It will be a tote bag when it’s finished.

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