I’m a guest blogger

Have you ever seen Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? I love the part with the song Be My Guest where Belle meets the castle occupants. In fact I love the whole idea of being a guest or having a guest so I’m especially happy to share with you that on June 18th I was invited to be a guest blogger on my publisher’s blog Stitch This! Check it out!


Just released!

That’s right! Today is the day! June 4, 2013. It’s the day my new book shipped from the publisher. For a year I have seen that date in contracts, e-mails, advance advertising and most recently at the Martingale booth at Spring International Quilt Market in Portland, OR. See? Here I am at market signing copies of an advance shipment.

Book signing 1

But today, June 4, 2013, is the day everyone else can see it. Check it out at Martingale.

Here she is!

Here she is!