Design Wall Monday – Fourteen Years and Still Going!

Every winter I work on a particular pastel applique’ project. Come January, to get re-inspired, I put all the completed blocks on the design wall. I go great guns for two or three months, then for no special reason, I stop, pack it all into it’s plastic bin, and put it back on the shelf. This has been going on for fourteen years!

This year, as per usual, I got fired up to work on it. I did an inventory and discovered I only had three pieced blocks left to sew and was over two thirds done with the appliqued blocks. I don’t keep them up all the time but today my design wall features the blocks I’ve completed so far. A few early blocks were appliqued with freezer paper – that was before I learned the Back Basting Applique’ method. Aren’t they pretty?

Grandma's Country Album blocks by Robert Callaham for McCall's Quilting Magazine

Grandma’s Country Album blocks, pattern by Robert Callaham for McCall’s Quilting Magazine

Why do some projects get the best of us? This one drags me down because it’s pastels. Don’t get me wrong, I like the blocks. And I like the fabrics. It’s going to be a gorgeous quilt when it’s done. It’s just that it’s so, well – pastel and I seldom work in pastels. I chose the fabrics after I saw a picture in McCall’s Quilting magazine. It was the Country Album II Quilt – stitched in pastels. It was beautiful. In the same issue I found an ad for the pattern so I ordered it.

The booklet arrived. On the back was an ad showing the original Grandma’s Country Album pattern booklet. I didn’t even know about it! So I ordered it too, I would put the blocks from both projects together into one quilt.

Here they are, my original pattern booklets

Here they are, my original pattern booklets

That was 14 years ago.

Now it is March. Two months of “stitching great guns on it” has passed. I feel the urge to pack it up. But, I want to finish it. I want to move all those fabrics to their appropriate color bins so I can use them in other projects. I want to free up the space that big project bin consumes on the closet shelf. I need motivation. And I think I just found it! At Amazon.com, where I discovered my very same pattern offered for sale – for $75.00! (Album II was a mere $40.00.) There was a note on the Amazon page that said, “Rare!” I guess so! I paid $6.95 for each booklet. Maybe I should take better care of my copies. I could sell them when I’m finished making my quilt. Or rent them! Or just own them!

I’ve gotta go, I have pastel blocks to sew!!

Most recently completed block, "Grandma's Wreath"

Most recently completed block, “Grandma’s Wreath”

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