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I like to take my hand sewing to our sailboat at Lake Perry. Lake Perry is one of the prettiest places in our area and although it is one of Kansas’ largest lakes, on Sunday afternoons it is nearly empty of boaters. When we have wind it is exhilarating to sail across the lake but without wind it can be hot and humid and quite miserable. So I take handwork along to take my mind off the weather.DSC00540

Yesterday I took my Ladies of the Sea border with me to the lake with great plans of stitching while waiting for wind. But I didn’t stitch. Instead we had awesome wind and spent an afternoon of brisk sailing. It’s hard to sew in the wind and besides I was busy taking a turn at the helm or manning the jib sheets. Hey, when you are a sailor, wind is wind – and at Lake Perry you take it when you can get it – the handwork will keep!

Here is a picture of  one third of my first border with a bit more stitching completed. border 1

In addition to my hand applique’ work I have a new project on my design wall. Today I received a package from my daughter. Inside were the final t-shirts she wants in her college T-Shirt quilt. I’m particular excited to get started on this project because it will free up a lot of space in my sewing room when I move all her t-shirts from a pile on my floor into her quilt then on to her own apartment!


So that’s what’s on my design wall! See what others are up to by visiting The Patchwork Times.