The Purple Sofa

I have a friend in Pennsylvania with a purple front door.

My sister in California once had a purple dining room.

There is a farm down the road from me with a purple horse trailer

And me? I have a purple sofa!purple sofa

It’s brand new, but not really. It’s actually 15 years old. I bought it in 2001 when my grandmother’s antique camel-back sofa was lost in a military move. The insurance company said, “We can’t replace your family heirloom so choose whatever sofa you want.” So I did – it was a beautiful, American made sofa. I chose a camel-back because it was similar to my grandmother’s. I sat on every sofa in the store and bought the one that was most comfortable to me. I still mourned the loss of my family treasure but 12 weeks later, when my new sofa was delivered, I started to feel a little better.

It was beautiful. New. Comfortable. Everyone in my family loved it. The cotton upholstery was cool to sleep on – my children nicknamed it “The Napping Sofa.” We all liked sleeping on it. It was the greatest sofa ever. There was no way I would ever get rid of this sofa.

But then we got a cat named Finn. He came with claws. He loved the sofa too and used it as a scratching pole. I think his secret goal was to un-stuff my overstuffed sofa, one ball of fluff at a time. I wrapped aluminum foil around the legs to deter him. I stuffed the stuffing back in and put packaging tape over his artwork. I threatened to get him declawed but the vet cautioned me “he’s old, he’s big – it would be a hard surgery for him”. My heart softened and I got a new roll of packaging tape.

Cotton upholstery is comfortable but doesn’t wear well. The welting on the cushions began to fray, the pillows went flat. People teased me about aluminum foil and tape wrapped legs. It was a wreck.

Last fall Finn died unexpectedly and took his needle-like claws to kitty heaven with him and I took my sofa to get it reupholstered.

My front door is dark blue.

My dining room is the color of malted milk.

I don’t have a horse so have no need for a horse trailer of any color.

And my sofa is purple!