Tiny Stars – Month #2 Progress Report

Dec 30: Christmas is past, the New Year is upon us. When it comes to a star a day for 2014 I say, bring it on! Yes, I thought it would be interesting to make a star a day for a year. And yes, I thought I could do it. I imagined myself with a shoe box full of the little cuties by the end of the year.

Then – I read the instructions and one line stood out from the print like a warning light. Designer, Karen Styles, cautioned that it would be overwhelming to sew the stars together at the end and suggested sewing them into blocks as you go. She went on to advise joining the blocks into sections. Smart lady. I followed her advice and I’ve been happy so why did I have to go mess with things? I thought, why stop there? Why not quilt as I go too?

Umm, hum. You’ve got it, I am now set on quilting each section as I go.

Marti Michell wrote a great book about Machine Quilting in Sections. I re-read it then sandwiched my 1/9th of a quilt and set it under the needle of my sit down HQ Sweet 16 quilting machine, and took a tentative stitch. Did I really want to do this? Maybe I should just quilt a block or two and see how it looks. Anyone here enjoy ripping out machine quilting? Not me, so there’s no turning back now! first section tiny stars quiltedLater on I’ll show you how I’m quilting but for now, notice the bottom and right hand edges are left un-quilted? That’s so I can connect the bordering sections. Ooooo, I hope I don’t regret this!

It’s the end of the second month and here’s my score card:

Section 1 stitched together AND machine quilted (41 stars)

Three blocks of Section 2 completed and ready to be stitched into a row (13 more stars)

Five more stars completed – enough to stitch into a nine patch for the second row of Section 2. end of month two

Add them all together and get 59 stars in 59 days (60 by the time I got to bed – YES! I’ll get it done!)

I know it’s still early in the project, but I like making these stars so much that I feel like I could do this for years and years and not tire of it! (Tune in around Oct to see if my feelings have changed!)

Are you making a Star a Day quilt? Do tell!